Managed Services

Tirzok Managed services provide you virtualization, containerization, clustering, database, monitoring, storage, integrated development platform software development & consultancy services for maintaining and anticipating need for a range of processes and functions in order to improve your organizations’ operations and better performance.

Virtualization Services

  • Standalone virtualization with KVM.
  • Enterprise grade platform using Ovirt/RHV.
  • Securing and Performance Tuning.
  • Backup, Restore and Disaster Recovery Design.
  • Shared Storage Platform Integration.

Containerization Services

  • Docker, LXC and other container platforms.
  • Swarm, Kubernetes based clustering.
  • PaaS using OpenShift Origin (OKD).
  • Reliable Storage integration (e.g., Ceph, GlusterFS).

Clustering Services

  • High Availability (HA) or Failover Clustering.
  • Load Balanced or Active Active Clustering.
  • High Performance Compute Clusters.
  • Application based Clusters (e.g., RabbitMQ, Kafka, etc).

Database Services

  • Schema design for optimum performance.
  • Query Optimization for Report generation.
  • Clustering, Sharding, Query Routing.
  • Backup, Restore, LogShipping , PITR.
  • DB Activity Analysis, Security Hardening and Performance Tuning.

Monitoring Services

  • Real Time Monitoring, Graphing and Alerting.
  • Forecasting and Anomaly detection, with integration with BigData Platforms.
  • Customization of Dashboards, Alerts and Reports according to business needs.

Storage Services

  • DRBD replication service with iSCSI.
  • GlusterFS petabyte scalable NAS services on commodity hardware with Geo-Replication support.
  • Ceph distributed Block+File+Object storage on commodity hardware with Multi-Region Support.
  • Object storage services on commodity hardware using OpenStack Swift with Multi-Region support.

Integrated Development Platform Services

  • Centralized Auth Service (Microsoft AD, RedHat FreeIPA, etc.)
  • Mail Server (Zimbra, Postfix, etc).
  • Gitlab, Mattermost, OwnCloud, Redmine/OpenProject, Jenkins installation and configuration.

Managed Services Portfolio

Ring ID project deployment contains

  • Infrastructure as a service.
  • Database as a service (Cassandra, MariaDB, MySQL).
  • Monitoring service.
  • Storage service (Swift).
  • Clustering Service.

GRP project deployment in associate with CoKreates contains

  • Infrastructure as a service (Cloud deployment and managed).
  • Deployment Architecture Design.
  • Deployment through Micro Service platform.
  • Virtualization.
  • Private DNS Deployment.

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