Tirzok Private Cloud Solutions

Our Features


Lower TCO


Data Protection & Security


Multi Region Support


Scalable High Performance


Software Defined Storage


Software Defined Networking

Our Services

Key Management Service

  • Data Protection Orchestration Service
  • Search Service
  • Application Catalog Service
  • Governance Service
  • VPN Service
  • Firewall Service
  • Metering Service
  • Auto Scaling Service
  • Integration of Cloud Networking with SDN Controllers like OpenDayLight
  • Integration of Block Storage Service with different storage back-ends

Virtualization/Compute Service

Provisioning of Virtual Machines/Instances is the predominantly core service of Tirzok Cloud Platform.


Containerization Service

Like virtual machines, initiation of containers and container platforms is also a core feature of Tirzok Cloud Platform.


Block Device Service

Persistent Block Devices (virtual hard disks) can be smoothly created and attached to virtual machines.


Image Storage Service

Virtual machines can be provisioned from pre-configured virtual machine templates.


Object Storage Service

Software defined object storage platforms are utilized to provide Object Storage Service for Tirzok Cloud Platform.


Networking Service

With the utilization of software defined networking, tenant based network isolation and security is provided with Tirzok Cloud Platform.


Bare Metal Service

Physical Servers can be provisioned as like as virtual machines from the Tirzok Cloud Platform.


Shared Storage Service

On demand allocation of shared file storage platform (backed by high performance block storage platforms) can be provided by Tirzok Cloud Platform.


Telemetry Service

Resource usage from every tenant is collected, aggregated, stored and analyzed by Tirzok Cloud Platform by its Telemetry Services.


Database Service

On demand creation and allocation of RDBMS platforms and NOSQL platforms is provided by Tirzok Cloud Platform.


Data Processing Service

On demand provision and allocation of Hadoop based data processing engines is provided by Tirzok Cloud Platform.


Orchestration Service

Resource allocation and management can be orchestrated by using the Orchestration Service of the Tirzok Cloud Platform.


Identity Management Service

Authentication and Authorization Service is a crucial infrastructure within the cloud platform.


Dashboard Service

Tirzok Cloud Platform can be managed from the well-managed Web based Graphical User Interface.


Clustering Service

Clusters of regular software can be built using Tirzok Cloud Platform Clustering Service.


Backup, Restore and Disaster Recovery Service

Sensitive data backup, restoration and disaster recovery can be performed within the Cloud by utilizing Backup, Restore and Disaster Recovery Service.


Messaging Service

AMQP based message queues can be provisioned and utilized from Tirzok Cloud Platform.


Load Balancer Service

On demand provision of software defined load balancers comes in handy within Tirzok Cloud Platform.

Use Cases

Private Cloud is a solution specially adapted for critical, industrialized and secure business activities. Free yourself from infrastructure administration, Tirzok takes care of hardware virtualization and makes sure that it runs.

  • Workloads and Data with Demanding Security Requirements
  • Mission-critical Business Applications
  • Addressing Compliance Regulations
  • Data Sovereignty
  • Applications that Require High Performance
  • Data Center Consolidation and Extension
  • IT-as-a-service
  • Test/Dev Environments and Application Development
  • Disaster Recovery

Our Clients